Navratri Puja 2023 at Rajrappa Chinnmastika Temple : Rajrappa Mandir mein Navratri 2023 ki Taiyari : NowRead more about Navami Puja at Rajrappa Temple

Navratri Puja 2023 at Rajrappa Chinnmastika temple is very auspicious puja. Every year Lakhs of pilgrims visit Rajrappa Mandir during Navratri Puja. During Navratri lakhs of people visit Chinnmastika temple for Bali Puja on Navami and Vijayadashami tithi.

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Maa Chinnmastika is very kind in nature. And she fulfill wishes of her devotees. Every day thousands of people visit Rajrappa temple for Goddess Chinnmasta darshanam from all parts of India.

Maa Chinnmasta temple is situated at very beautiful location surrounded by greenery, river and mountains. The Rajrappa Mandir campus is very beautiful and very big. The Temple parking area is situated in kilometers. Vehicle Parking facility is very good. And you have to pay parking charges to local people for your vehicle. These people takes care of your vehicle and this work is their source of income to run their family.


Rajrappa mandir big corridor is newly built. And it is made in two floors of building. Devotees have to pass by very big human line to perform Puja at Rajrappa Maa temple.

It does not matter how many times you have visited this place. Everyone wishes to come here again and again. This place leaves its beautiful memory in everyone’s heart.


Table of Contents

Every year Navratri Navami puja is celebrated with a high energy in Rajrappa temple. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple on Navami tithi to perform Maa Rajrappa Puja. Maa Chinnmasta is Goddess of kindness and she is very soft by nature. She fulfill wishes of her devotees. Maa Chinnmasta cut her head to feed her freinds Jaya and Vijaya. She never return her devotees empty hand. So on the auspicious day of Navratri Navami tithi, which is dedicated to Maa Sidhidatri. Mata Sidhidatri fulfill wishes of her devotees. So every devotee visit Maa Chinnmasta temple for the fulfillment of wishes on Navami tithi.


Story of Rajrappa Mandir | Story of Maa Chinnmastika

Rajrappa Mandir is dedicated to Goddess Chinnmastika. Maa Chinnmastika have appeared in this place by herself. That’s the reason this holy place is known as seedhpeeth. Once Mata Chinnmasta was taking bath with her two yogini’s Jaya and Vijaya. These two yogini’s asked to maa chinnmastika that they are feeling hungry. That time Mata Chinnmastika cut her head to feed her yogini’s. Three blood veins comes from Mata Chinnmastika neck. One is going on Jaya mouth. The second on Vijaya mouth. And the third on Maa Chinnmastika mouth. Maa Chinnmasta stands on Lotus flower and on Kamdev and Rati. Mata Chinnmastika wears garland of heads and flowers. Her hairs are open and she holds her weapon khadak in her hand.

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Maa Chinnmastika is fifth Goddess from the list of Dasmahavidhya. In sanatan dharma devotees offer puja to dasmahavidya for the fulfillment of wishes and for the siddhi of tantra vidhya. Maa Chinnmastika temple is very popular for tantra vidhya and for the completion of Tantra Vidhya Siddhi.

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How to reach Chinnmastika Temple

Chinnmastika temple is situated in Ramgadh district of Jharkhand in Rajrappa division. So the temple is also known as Rajrappa temple. Ramgadh district is well connected to Bokaro and Ranchi district of Jharkhand. And these cities are connected with Rail route and if you are coming by Air then you first reach at Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi. Then take a public or private transport to Rajrappa temple.

How to Book Hotel in Rajrappa temple : Hotel near Chinnmastika temple

Now a days hotels are easily available in Google. You can book your stay online. Otherwise you can directly visit hotels in Rajrappa. Many hotels are available in reasonable rates in Rajrappa Chitarpur. Government guest house are also available here. Also mandir authorities runs dharmshala here. Which is available in low charges.

Foods court Near Rajrappa Temple

Many food stalls and hotels are available Rajrappa Mandir campus. Veg and Non – Veg foods are easily available in Reasonable charges. Also you can hire cook here and they charges very reasonable. They provide spaces and cooking utensils. You just provide them groceries item and they will prepare food for you. They cook both veg and non veg foods. Also all kind of snacks items are available here. And they charge very nominal lesser than big cities.

Rajrappa Mandir mein Navratri 2023 ki Taiyari

Rajrappa mandir mein Navratri ki Taiyari bhut ache se ki jati hai. Rang birange flower se mandir corridor ko sajaya jata hai. Mata ki Bhavya aarti ki jati hai. Har din VIP’s visit karte hain Mata k darshan k liye.

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karma puja 2023

Karma Puja 2023 – भाई बहन का अनोखा पर्व है करमा – जानें पूजा विधि – The Community of India Who celebrate karma puja Karam

Karma festival is being celebrated on Bhadra month shukla paksha ekadashi tithi every year. This year karma festival will be celebrated on 25 September, 2023. Mainly women perform this puja for the wellbeing of brother. Jharkhand tribal people offer puja to Goddess nature.

karma tree and its branches are symbol of God Karma. And people offer puja to karma tree branches on this day. In Jharkhand this festival is being celebrated as traditional festival. If a girl is doing karma puja for the first time then her brother carry her in his arm to the place of worship. Almost all people wears traditional dresses.

karma puja Ranchi 2023

Karma Puja Rituals

People follow some instructions in this puja. Women carry sand from near by river 10 days before from the puja. They puts barley and rice crop seeds in this sand. These crops are symbol of good crop cultivation. They put water regularly in this crop seeds. And women sings traditional folk songs at this place.

On the auspicious day of Karma Puja, women visits near by river, ponds for bath. Men forms a group and they sings traditional folk song and plays tribal Indian music instruments called dhol and mandar. They visits karma plant and first they offer pray and cuts three small branches from this tree for puja. They carry that branches on shoulder and it should not touch ground because it is the symbol of God.

They brings that karma tree branch to the worship place called Akhara in local language. In evening time all people gather at the worship place. They decorate this place beautifully. All people wears traditional dresses of Jharkhand.

The traditional dress is made up of cotton material in red and white color combination. Women wears saree and men wears dhoti, kameej and gamcha.

Puja rituals are performed by Pahan (tribal panditji). And he tells the story of Karma – Dharma, two brothers and the reason behind performing this Puja. Women keeps fast without drinking water and food for the wellbeing and they have a strong belief on Karam Gosai.

After Puja all people dance in a tribal style dance posture called as Jhumar here. After 2-3 hours they returns to there places.

How to opens Karma Puja Fasting

Next day morning all women after getting fresh carry rice and karmi vegetable as Prasad (holy food). They offer puja to karma tree branch offer prasad to it and they give a hug to it. Then in group they visit to nearby pond or river and puts tree branch in water. And returns to home. In some places next day Jatra is being organized to celebrate festival with a big crowd. They performs tribal dance (jhumar) there.

Story of Karma and Dharma

Karma and dharma was two brothers in a village. They both were marries. But Karma’s wife was not a good person. She usually puts hot rice water on earth. Karma felt bad for mother earth. One day karma left his home and village and went somewhere else. After that day all villagers were unhappy and nothing was good at that place. Dharma decided to look for his brother and he went from the village.

In his route he found one river without water and the river conveyed messaged for karma that she wants to know the reason why her water is dried up. Then he found one mango tree whose all fruits was attacked by pests. the plant also conveyed the message for karma. Then dharma found one old man and he told that from when karma went from village his shoulder loads are not getting unloaded with other persons help. Then dharma meet with one women and she told that all utensils are getting stick with her hands. please ask karma the reason.

Dharma reached at deserted area and there he found Karma. He asked him to return home but karma refused to go back. He said that her wife puts hot rice water on mother earth. He will not go to that place. Then Dharma promised him that from today no one will put hot rice water on mother earth.

Then they both starts for the home town. first they met with that women she asked him reason he replied that she did not give food to hungry people that’s why that things happened. Not do these kind of inhuman activity further then all things will be normal. after that he replied to river that she did not offer clean water to people that why her water dried up. Further offer clean water to all.

This way karma gave answers for all and returned to his home. Then he offer puja to Karma tree branch in his home. And people starts living happily here after. And from that day all people celebrate Karma festival and tells everyone this two brother’s story.

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Chandipur Beach Balasore : The first ultimate destination to visit with family : Hide and Seek Beach in Baleshwar Orissa : Top 10 beach to visit in Orissa

Do you know in India we have one such a beach known as Hide and Seek Beach located in Balasore Orissa. If you want to experience a scientific phenomenon of hide tide and low tide in beaches then you must visit the Chandipur beach. Balasore district is also known as Baleshwar.


I had first time experience of this kind of beaches. Usually Indian beaches remains over crowded and polluted but in this beach you will feel the beauty of Nature. you have to take a walk of miles to touch the level of water here. As sun rises the water level starts moving out from the beach side and as sun sets the water starts reaching beach side. Full moon night is best day to reach here. Because the beach experience a good level of water at the beach side here.

You can have a experience of different kind of rides in this beach. Also some small stall are also located at beach side for shopping handicraft items. Hotels and resorts are available at reasonable charges. This small town is very reasonable and every stuff is available at very reasonable charges.

The water remains at the distance of 4-5 km from the beachside at the time of low tide. And they travel to beach side at the time of hide tide. If want to experience both reach the beach side at early morning and the in evening to night. be at beach side for a full day and in single day you will have a chance to capture different kind of beach look.

I personally liked this beach a lot. There are several reasons behind it. Let me define all these. This beach differentiate it from others because of its appearance and for its real time experience of low tide and hide tide phenomenon. This beach is less crowded and very less pollution is there. Anyone can have feel of touching the bottom layer of sea here. The sand of Chandipur beach is very smooth like soil and black in color.


This place is well suited for a peaceful family vacation. Also for bachelors and couples. All things are available in very less selling price so in less amount you can have more fun.

The beach sand appears black in color because the beach comes under DRDO missile testing range. And when DRDO tests its missile here big crowd gather here to this scientific history.

How to Reach Chandipur Beach?

You have reach Balasore first to visit the beach. Balasore city is well connected by train and road route. At balasore station you will get public transport easily to reach beach side. Approx. 15 km distance have to travel to reach beach side. Transport charges are very reasonable. They charge approx. Rs.600-800 for a full day trip.

The local market is very big and nice near railway station. You can have a very nice shopping experience at this station. Local foods are awesome in taste and charges are very economical.

Hotel Booking Charges in Chandipur beach Balasore

Hotel are situated near beach side. Charges are approx. Rs.800-1000 for a day.

Best time to visit Chandipur Beach

Everyday is best to visit this place. But I will recommend full moon day to visit this beautiful place. Escape this place during cyclone.

Total expenses to visit chandipur beach

Per person Rs.1500-2000 is enough to visit this place but it depends on person how much they spend. One full day is enough for this place. But yes you can enjoy your vacation here.

why Chandipur beach is so famous?

One can have a live experience of low tide and hide tide in a single day at this place. The water level remains very less at beach side and this beach is very calm in nature. Very less crowded with less pollution. These things differentiate this beach from others.

Where is Chandipur beach situated?

Chandipur beach situated in balasore district of orissa.

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Tarapith Temple


Tarapith is one of main temple of Maa Kali in India. Maa Tara is one form of Maa Kali. This palce is very well known for meditation and is very popular as wish fulfillment temple. Every year thousand of people visit here for Maa Tara Darshanam. The temple is situated at a bank of river Dwarka and Mahasamshan or cemetery.

Table of Contents

How to reach Tarapith

Rampurhat junction is the nearest railway junction to reach Tarapith temple. If the direct train is not available from your place then you must first reach to Howrah then you will get another train for Rampurhat. The distance between Rampurhat and Howrah is 220 Km. You will get Auto from station outside for the Tarapith temple. The booking charges differ from 200 to 300 and for sharing per person Rs.50 they will ask. You will cover 9 km distance in half an hour.

Tarapith Mandir Rampurhat

How to Book Hotel in Tarapith

You will AC and Non Ac room nearest to temple. Also they provide rooms in hourly basis.

Darshan Puja process in Tarapith

Two type of Darshan Puja is available. One VIP entry and the another one is Normal Darshan. You must ask and Panda for VIP entry process and charges. And the charges starts from Rs.300. There is no fix charges you have to ask concession for this. We did normal darshan puja and we stood in line at morning 6 AM and did darshan at 3 PM. If you have enough money with you then you must enter from VIP entry. Because there is more humidity in west Bengal and because of standing for long hour you can get ill. I went first time so I was not aware much about the management. In the main temple statue of Maa Tara is situated and any temple are also situated in the temple campus. Mahadev temple is one of them. In front of Maa Tara temple animal sacrificial place is situated. Pilgrims sacrifice goat to Maa Tara.

Everywhere in the temple campus pilgrims do puja and hawan. Everyone do there puja according to there capability. Outside temple many shops are situated where you will get all puja materials. You can buy things according to your wish. Temple management distributes mahabhog in the campus. You can purchase mahabhog by paying Rs.60 from randhansala.


Outside if temple campus you will reach to Mahasamshan. Here one red color temple is situated where footprint of Maa Kali is situated. Pilgrims offer puja here. Here one sacrificial place is situated and it is said that Maa Tara appeared here for one of his devotee Bamaghepa. You will see sadhu everywhere performing puja. Some devotee ask them to offer puja for themselves.

You can do Darshan Puja at night also. In night less crowd comes so you can easily get inside the temple. Many hotels are situated outside for breakfast and lunch. You can explore local market for shopping.

Story of Maa Tara Tarapith

The word is made of two words Tara+pith which means in local language eye and place. Here third eye of Mata Sati fall so the place id named as Tarapith. This place is one of Shaktipeeth. Many kind of Puja is being performed here. In ancient time the place was known as Chandipur. In present time it is known as Tarapith.

No one return empty hand from this temple. Bamakhepa samadhi is also situated here. This mandir is a great combination of India’s Architecture and Tradition. Pujari offers afternoon prasad to Maa Tara with Bhasm of Mahasamshan. Many sadhu have fulfilled there wish here by offering puja to Maa Tara. The devi holds second place in ten mahavidya. In main temple statue of Maa Tara and Lord Shiv is placed. In prasad khir, khichdi. fish, mutton, fruits, alcohol, sugar water and many kinds of seasonal foods are being offered to Maa Tara. Lotus, Hibiscus and Aprajita flowers are favorite of Maa Tara. Mahatma Buddh offered puja to Maa Tara. That’s the reason Buddhists also offer puja to Maa Tara. By chanting Maa Tara Mantra every person can fulfill there wish.

In short, the total expenses will be minimum Rs.2000 per person to reach here. You can visit here in whole year. But winter season is very best to reach. The booking charges starts from Rs.500 for hotel room for one day. First reach to Rampurhat junction then get auto for the temple from station outside.

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Baba Baidyanath Dham Deoghar

Baba Baidyanath Dham : 12 Jyotirlinga in India: Baba Dham mandir Deoghar Jharkhand

Deoghar the word is formed by the combination of two words Deo and Ghar and it gives the meaning home of God. Baba Baidyanath dham is situated in Santhal division of Deoghar district of Jharkhand. Deoghar city is well connected by the road, train and air route from other cities of country.

If your are travelling by train then you have to reach Jasidih Railway Station. Baba Baidyanath Temple is situated at a distance of 8 km from Jasidih Railway Station. You can take share auto from station and it will charge Rs.20 per person. If you will take reserve auto then it will cost Rs.200. The Auto will drop you near Tower Chowk. You will get good hotel and accommodation here starting from Rs.500.

If you are looking for guest house then it will charge from Rs.100 per person. You can get many guest house near Shiv Ganga.

Deoghar Airport and Ranchi Airport are nearby to reach Baba Baidyanath Dham. Deoghar airport is situated at 10 km from temple.

Deoghar bus station is situated at a distance of 2 km from temple and buses to all major cities are available here.

Every year big saawan fair is being organized here and lakhs of pilgrims offer water to shivlinga by carrying Holy Ganga Water by walking bare foot from Sultanganj to Deoghar.

Majorly people visit Deoghar in special occasion like Saawan month, Shivratri, Somwari, Akshay Tritya, New Year, Ekadashi. In these days hotel room are charging high. Winter season are best to visit Deoghar because of less rush.

Table of Contents


Story of Baba Baidyanath

Once upon a time Rawaan kept very long fast and was offering his ten heads to God Shiva. He offered his nine heads to Shiva and when he was going to cut his tenth head. Lord Shiva appear and asked his wish. He asked to God Shiva to come to his place Lanka with him. Lord shiva agreed but he said one condition also. That if he will put Shivlinga in any place then Lord shiva will stay there forever.

Rawaan agreed with the lord shiva terms and started for Lanka. But in middle he felt down. There was one farmer named Baiju. He called him and said to hold Shivlinga for some time till when he did not come. Rawaan took long time to return. The farmer called him and then kept the shivling in floor and went from there. People call that the farmer was the Lord Shiva son’s Shri Ganesh.

When Rawaan returned he started calling that farmer. He started looking for him. Then lord Shiva answered him that I am at here on floor. Rawaan requested him to come with him. Then Shiva said to recognized his said term. Rawaan got angry and he pressed his thumb on shivling. That’s the reason the shivlinga of Baba Baidyanath appears very small in size. In the name of that farmer Baiju the Jyotirlinga named as Baidyanath Jyotirlinga. This Jyotirlinga is only one in the whole world where God Shiva and Goddess Parvati is present. Goddess Sati heart fell down in this place that’s the reason this place is called shaktipeeth. This Jyotirlinga is called as Manokamna Jyotirlinga.

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How to perform Gatbandhan Puja at Baba Baidyanath Dham

You must have seen one knot tied between two temples. This Gatbandhan is tied between God shiv and Goddess Parwati temples. Newly married couples tie this knot for their happy marries life. For the fulfillment of wish any person can tie this knot. You have to contact Panda for knotting. The charges starts from Rs.500. I paid Rs.650 with puja charge.

VIP ticket charges in Baba Baidyanath Dham

Temple have a big corridor for entry and the total puja time depend on rush present on line. In normal days If you will take VIP ticket then it will take approx one hour in puja. VIP entry Ticket will charge Rs.250.

The temple campus have total 21 temples. And God Shiva and Goddess temple is main temple in them. I completed whole temple darshan in 2 hours.

Where to do Puja Shopping in Baba Dham Deoghar

After Darshan you must exit from west door and you will enter in Peda gali. There you will get prasad items like peda, chura and other items. The peda will cost Rs.420 per kg, chura will cost Rs.60 per kg, elaichi dana will cost Rs.10-20. Sindoor and other items are also available.

You have to walk in the same street in approx. 400 meter you will reach at tower chowk. Here you can have your food. Food items starts from Rs.60 to Rs.150. First have your food then start roaming in the market. The local market is very big and almost every product is available here.

You will get auto for other places from tower chowk. Basukinath temple, tapowan hill, trikut hill, nanadan hill and Naulakha temple are main attractions. We boked auto in Rs.1400 for all these places. I will put auto driver number in description box.

It will take one day to visit all these places. If you will complete baba baidyanath darshan till morning 11 AM. Then till evening you will complete all those places also.

If you want to spend more time in Deoghar to explore nicely. You must visit for two days and one night. And if you manage your time nicely then you can cover all places in one day itself. We completed whole trip in one day only.

Baba Basukinath Dham Dumka

Baba Basukinath Mandir is located at a distance of 43 km from Baba Baidyanath Mandir. It is situated in Dumka district of Jharkhand. Baba Basukinath mandir looks like same as baba Baidyanath mandir. Baba Baidyanath darshan is incomplete without Baba Basukinath Darshan. Main temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Other temples are also there. You can complete puja in half an hour here.

Story of Baba Basukinath Mandir

There was one milkman named Basuki. One of his cow delivers her milk somewhere else everyday. The frustrated milkman one day decided that I will follow the cow and will look that where she is delivering her milk. He followed the cow and saw that his cow put all milk on one stone on the ground. He hit the stone by bamboo. Since the cow was putting her milk everyday on the stone. The milkman followed the same time table everyday and before having lunch he was first hitting the stone. One day he forgot to hit the stone. So he left his food and went to the stone to hit it. That time Lord Shiva appeared there and gave him Aashirwad for doing his work honestly. The Shivling is little cracked because of that hit. And one cloth is tied on it every time. Lord Shiva appeared here because of Basuki’s devotion that the reason the place is known as Basukinath.

You will get food outside for breakfast and lunch. I had curd and flattened rice in breakfast.

You will get Ghormara named place in betweeen Basukinath and Trikut Pahad. The place is popular for the dessert Peda. People buy peda from here. You can also try here Peda.

Tapowan Pahad

Tapowan Pahad is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Many temples are located at this mountain. You visit all temples and move ahead. You will see many monkeys here. You need one guide to reach the mountain top. We hired one guide in 200 rupee. You must be unaware about the place so please hire them to reach at top. One rock is placed at the top and is equally divided in two parts. Lord Hanuman statue is drawn here by Sindoor. Pilgrims ask there wish here and it is called that there wish comes true within one year.

Trikut Pahad

Trikut Pahad is a group of three mountains dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Bramha. So it is called as Trikut Pahad. The main temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and called as Trikuteshwar Nath. One natural water source is present there and the water coming out of here is very sweet. This mountain is very rich in natural beauty. Many monkeys are present here and are very naughty. You please keep you things safe from them and if possible please offer food to them. We hired one guide in 150 rupee here. Ropeway facility was available here but is closed from April 2022 till further order.

Naulakha Mandir

Naulakha Mandir is situated at a distance of 1.5 km and dedicated to Lord Radhe Krishna. The temple was built in 1940 by Rani Charushila at the cost of Rs. 9 Lakhs. So the temple is called as Naulakha Mandir. The temple is very beautiful.

Nandan Pahad

This mountain located at a distance of 10 km from Baba Baidyanath Dham. The statue of Lord Shiva and Nandi is placed here. One children park is built here.

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Check my Full Travel Video of Deoghar in Youtube Click Here

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Ranchi Vidhansabha Image

Ranchi – The Heart of Jharkhand

Ranchi the coolest city of Jharkhand. This place is very well suited for study, job and career. People can enjoy here Jan to March Autumn season, April to June Summer Season, July to September Rainy Season and from October to December Winter Season.

The city is situated in total 175 km2 area. And is very well equipped with nice school and colleges, residential areas, Hi-tech buildings, big and small markets, malls and movie theatres, gardens for all age group people, corporate sectors, media and channels, film city, local tourist spots, must visit natural places, waterfalls, traditional foods and local art and culture.

The young generation of the city are very modern and talented. And they have kind attention in photography, acting, reel making, blogging, bike riding, modeling, media and advertisement and government service.

Some businesses have contributed very hard in the popularity of the city in early days after separation from Bihar. And for study and shopping center Hari Om Tower is a very big name and it introduces big shopping building in Ranchi, In restaurant Kaveri Veg Restaurant holds number 1 position in Ranchi which introduces restaurant business in Ranchi, St. Xavier College holds the first position for higher study, Eyelex cinemas holds the first position in Ranchi for introducing multiplex in Ranchi.

I love my Ranchi, Ranchi the beautiful city, Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi Article, Places in Ranchi

Table of Contents

Best Places to Visit in Ranchi

  • Rock Garden
  • Taggore Hill
  • Vidhansabha Ranchi
  • Dassam Fall
  • Jonha Fall
  • Rukka Dam
  • Getalsud Dam
  • Kanke Dam
  • Patratu Valley and lake
  • Rajrappa Mandir
  • Jagannath Mandir
  • Pahadi Mandir
  • Maa Dewri Mandir
  • Surya Mandir

Best Veg Restaurants in Ranchi

  • Kaveri Veg Restaurant
  • Krshna Restaurant
  • Mirch Masala

Best Non Veg Restaurant in Ranchi

  • Madhuban
  • Mocha
  • Cafe yum yum

Best Jharkhandi Jayka Restaurant in Ranchi

  • Sikoi Da Mandi

Festivals of Ranchi

Ranchi is a capital of Jharkhand and people from all religion and caste is living here. Below are some festivals name which are being celebrated by a large number of people.

  • Chhath Puja
  • Durga Puja
  • Diwali
  • Holi
  • Ramnavmi
  • Sarhul
  • Karma
  • Eid
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Guru Parv
  • Prakash Parv
  • Janmastmi

Food of Ranchi

  • Dhuska
  • Bada
  • Chilka Roti
  • Rugda
  • Khukhri
  • Mahua Roti
  • Dudhori
  • Pitha
  • Dhakkan Dibba Roti

Seasons in Ranchi

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Rainy
  • Autumn

Best Shopping Places in Ranchi

  • Upper Bazaar Ranchi
  • Shastri Market Ranchi
  • Sainik Market Ranchi
  • Nucleus Mall Ranchi
  • Firayalal

Best Places for Picnic in Ranchi

  • Panchghagh
  • Jonha Fall
  • Getalsud Dam
  • Rukka Dam
  • Ormanjhi Zoo
  • Dassam Fall
  • Sita Fall
  • Hundru Fall

Best Waterfall near Ranchi – Ranchi the city of Waterfall

  • Jonha Fall
  • Sita Fall
  • Panchghagh Fall
  • Saiko Fall
  • Dassam Fall
  • Lodh Waterfall
  • Hundru Waterfall
  • Hirni Waterfall

Parks in Ranchi

  • Oxygen Park
  • Sidhu Kanhu Park
  • Nakshtra Park
  • Dada Dadi Park
  • Nagar Nigam Park

Best Institutes for IIT-JEE in Ranchi

  • Newton Tutorials

Best Institutes for Medical Preparation in Ranchi

  • Goal

Best Hospitals of Ranchi

  • RIMS
  • Sadar
  • Orchid
  • Santevita
  • Raj Hospital
  • Medanta


Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori, Jharkhand : How to reach, Main attraction, History

Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori temple is mainly dedicated to Maa Bhadrakali. Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori temple is known as Sidh Peeth. Because Megha Muni used his power and empowered this place as a sidh peeth.

Table of Contents

Easiest ways to reach Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori

We started our journey from Ranchi. The temple is situated at a distance of 150km from Ranchi. Its distance is 35km from Chatra, 50km from Hazaribagh.By flight you can reach here and nearby airports will be Bodh Gaya Airport (90km) and Ranchi Airport (150km). Traveling with a personal vehicle is the convenient way to reach Bhadrakali Temple Itkhori. 

This place is very beautiful and calm. In your whole journey you can admire the beauty of greenery and mountains. Also roads are convenient. So you can enjoy your journey. Near the temple you will get full Sanatani or Jain food without onion and garlic at a reasonable rate. In nearby village markets you can get almost everything. A beautiful place for photography and videography. Mandir campus is very big and all kinds of religious events can be organized at this place like marriage, mundan etc.


Maa Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori

This temple is situated at a meeting point of two rivers muhane and baksha. And many ancient stories are linked with this place. Three religions Hindu, Bodh and Jain have some connection with this place and their many years ago livelihood evidence is said to be found by the archaeological department. Also this place is said as a sidh bhumi because Megha Muni used his power and empowered this place as a sidh peeth.

For Hindus Maa Bhadrakali Temple and Sahastra Shivling temple is the main point of attraction.  For Bodh religious it is said that it is the prayer spot of Mahatma Budh. The name of this place Itkhori is also given by Gautam Budh Aunt. Also it the birthplace of Bhagwan Shital Nath Swami (tenth tirthankara of the present age according to Jainism).

Also one museum is situated inside this temple. Many samples which belong to the ninth and tenth century collected by the Archaeological Survey of India Department are kept safely in this museum.

Maa Bhadrakali

Maa Bhadrakali is one name of Maa Durga. A big statue of Maa Bhadrakali with two yoginis approx 5 feet height made up of Black stone is situated inside this temple (Garv Grih). Four statues approx 4 feet height are placed on both sides of Maa Bhadrakali Statue. One is of Lord Ganesha and three are of Lord Vishnu. This statue was made in the ninth century by King Mahendra Pal II. One very big Banyan Tree is situated outside Bhadrakali Mandir. Pilgrims can burn ghee lamps and wood sticks outside the Garv Griha in one corner. Also one very big yagya bhawan is placed behind the Bhadrakali main mandir.


Sahastra Shivling

This shivling (approx 7 feet height) is very beautifully carved and consists of 1008 small shivling with one big Trishul. One big Nandi statue is placed just before shivling.


Shani Mandir

Shani mandir is also present inside the Maa Bhadrakali Mandir campus.

PanchMukhi Hanuman Mandir

PanchMukhi Hanuman Mandir is also present inside the Maa Bhadrakali Mandir campus.

Bodh Stup

One very big Bodh Stup (manoti stup) is situated inside the Bhadrakali Mandir campus. Total 1008 gautam buddha statue is made upon this stup. 1004 small and 4 big in size. This stup was made in the ninth century. On top of this stup water storage is present. Also it is said that this stup is made by Samrat Ashok.

Bhagwan SheetalNath footprint

In 1983 local villagers found Bhagwan Sheetalnath footprint along with one copper plate. In this plate it is written that this place is the birthplace of  Bhagwan Sheetalnath (tenth tirthankara of the present age according to Jainism). These are kept safely in the temple’s museum. Here 2.5 acre land is authorized to the Jain community for the construction of temples and lodges.

Maa Kanuniyan Temple

Kanuniyan Maa temple is situated in the Bhadrakali maa temple campus. In one big stone the sun, moon, trishul and some pictures are drawn here.

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Now Visit Jagannathpur Rath Mela Ranchi 2023 : All information about Jagannath Mandir Ranchi : Yes all household items are available in Jagannathpur Mela

Jagannathpur Rath Mela Ranchi started on 20th of June, 2023 and ends on 29th June, 2023. Every year in Ranchi Rath mela fair is being organized in Jagannath Mandir Dhurwa Ranchi. This temple is very ancient and has been renovated many times. The modern temple has been renovated in the year 1992. It is ok to say that Rath Mela at Jagannathpur Mandir Ranchi is the biggest fair of Ranchi. And every year lakhs of people visits this fair in these 10 days.

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This mela holds everythings and is open for every person. They don’t take any entry charges. This fair is very beautifully organized with rides, stalls, foods and adventures. In this fair almost everything is available at very reasonable charges. In these you can see local handicraft items, home décor items, utensils, crafts and paintings, toys, cloths, games, umbrellas, raincoats, artificial flowers, fish nets, make up items, sandals, bangles, earrings, rides, almost all kind of veg food stalls.

Jagannathpur Rath Mela Ranchi
Jagannathpur Rath Mela Ranchi

Jagannath Puja Rituls

On the first day of Mela Bhagwan Jagannath along with his big brother Balvadra and sister Subhadra travels from his home (temple) to his aunt (mausi’s) home (temple) by using Rath (wooden vehicle). For the next nine days Bhagwan stays at their aunt home and on 10th day all three returns to their own home. Every year same thing happens in the hindi month of Aashaadha , Dwithya tithi. Jagannathpur Ranchi Rath Yatra is very similar to Puri Jagannath Yatra. And by being a part of this fair you can feel the happiness of Puri Rath Yatra.

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Jagannathpur Mandir Ranchi

Jagannathpur Mandir Ranchi is situated in Dhurwa Ranchi at 2 km distance from Parliament House Ranchi. It’s very easy to reach there. And from almost every palce of Ranchi you can public transport to reach here. Also by your personal vehicle you can reach here easily. From Kanta Toli Chowk it is situated at a distance of approx. 12 km. Jagannath Mandir is an ancient temple build up in 17th century dedicated to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balram and Goddess Subhadra. Firstly it was built by king of Barkagarh Jagannathpur Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo (1691). This temple is build up at a small hill where you can easily reach by vehicle. From top of the hill you can admire a very beautiful nature view. The temple is very similar to Puri Jagannath temple in look and architecture.

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Jagannathpur Rath Mela Ranchi

Rath Mela Ranchi Jagannathpur every year happens on Aashaadha month. This mela continues for 10 days and people from Ranchi and nearby places visits this mela. This is the biggest fair of Ranchi. And almost everything is being sell in this fair.


How to Reach Rath Mela Ranchi

To reach Rath Mela Ranchi you can take public transport auto and city bus from kutchury chowk, Ratu Road chowk, Lalpur Chowk, Kanta Toli Chowk. Also you can directly reach there by your own vehicle.

What is the major point of attraction in this Fair

Ancient Jagannath Mandir, local handicrafts, biggest rides, local desserts, home utility items, dresses are the major point of attractions. Local folk singer and dancers performs there in the fair. Every year cultural programs are being organized by CM of Jharkhand. First day of this festival CM of Jharkhand visit Jagannath Temple to perform puja. Lord Jagannath is Hindu God and it is said in our culture that Lord Jagannath is God of Kalyug. The jagannath temple architecture is very similar to Jagannath temple Puri. And every day in afternoon mahaprasadam is being distributed at the temple corridor. Photography and videography of main statue is not allowed.

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