Tarapith Temple


Tarapith is one of main temple of Maa Kali in India. Maa Tara is one form of Maa Kali. This palce is very well known for meditation and is very popular as wish fulfillment temple. Every year thousand of people visit here for Maa Tara Darshanam. The temple is situated at a bank of river Dwarka and Mahasamshan or cemetery.

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How to reach Tarapith

Rampurhat junction is the nearest railway junction to reach Tarapith temple. If the direct train is not available from your place then you must first reach to Howrah then you will get another train for Rampurhat. The distance between Rampurhat and Howrah is 220 Km. You will get Auto from station outside for the Tarapith temple. The booking charges differ from 200 to 300 and for sharing per person Rs.50 they will ask. You will cover 9 km distance in half an hour.

Tarapith Mandir Rampurhat

How to Book Hotel in Tarapith

You will AC and Non Ac room nearest to temple. Also they provide rooms in hourly basis.

Darshan Puja process in Tarapith

Two type of Darshan Puja is available. One VIP entry and the another one is Normal Darshan. You must ask and Panda for VIP entry process and charges. And the charges starts from Rs.300. There is no fix charges you have to ask concession for this. We did normal darshan puja and we stood in line at morning 6 AM and did darshan at 3 PM. If you have enough money with you then you must enter from VIP entry. Because there is more humidity in west Bengal and because of standing for long hour you can get ill. I went first time so I was not aware much about the management. In the main temple statue of Maa Tara is situated and any temple are also situated in the temple campus. Mahadev temple is one of them. In front of Maa Tara temple animal sacrificial place is situated. Pilgrims sacrifice goat to Maa Tara.

Everywhere in the temple campus pilgrims do puja and hawan. Everyone do there puja according to there capability. Outside temple many shops are situated where you will get all puja materials. You can buy things according to your wish. Temple management distributes mahabhog in the campus. You can purchase mahabhog by paying Rs.60 from randhansala.


Outside if temple campus you will reach to Mahasamshan. Here one red color temple is situated where footprint of Maa Kali is situated. Pilgrims offer puja here. Here one sacrificial place is situated and it is said that Maa Tara appeared here for one of his devotee Bamaghepa. You will see sadhu everywhere performing puja. Some devotee ask them to offer puja for themselves.

You can do Darshan Puja at night also. In night less crowd comes so you can easily get inside the temple. Many hotels are situated outside for breakfast and lunch. You can explore local market for shopping.

Story of Maa Tara Tarapith

The word is made of two words Tara+pith which means in local language eye and place. Here third eye of Mata Sati fall so the place id named as Tarapith. This place is one of Shaktipeeth. Many kind of Puja is being performed here. In ancient time the place was known as Chandipur. In present time it is known as Tarapith.

No one return empty hand from this temple. Bamakhepa samadhi is also situated here. This mandir is a great combination of India’s Architecture and Tradition. Pujari offers afternoon prasad to Maa Tara with Bhasm of Mahasamshan. Many sadhu have fulfilled there wish here by offering puja to Maa Tara. The devi holds second place in ten mahavidya. In main temple statue of Maa Tara and Lord Shiv is placed. In prasad khir, khichdi. fish, mutton, fruits, alcohol, sugar water and many kinds of seasonal foods are being offered to Maa Tara. Lotus, Hibiscus and Aprajita flowers are favorite of Maa Tara. Mahatma Buddh offered puja to Maa Tara. That’s the reason Buddhists also offer puja to Maa Tara. By chanting Maa Tara Mantra every person can fulfill there wish.

In short, the total expenses will be minimum Rs.2000 per person to reach here. You can visit here in whole year. But winter season is very best to reach. The booking charges starts from Rs.500 for hotel room for one day. First reach to Rampurhat junction then get auto for the temple from station outside.

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Bishnupur : Yes you are reading about the Temple Town Of West Bengal

Bishnupur is situated in Bankura District of West Bengal. The city is famous for its ancient Hindu temples of Shri Radha Krishna made by Terracotta art. The city is also known as land of Terracotta art. Bishnupur the name itself tells its meaning. Lord Krishna is one form of lord Vishnu. So the city name tells us that its a land of Lord Vishnu. Here total 10 ancient temples are situated which is now declared as national monuments of India.

Table of Contents

Terracotta Art

Terracotta Art is very famous in West Bengal and holds a very strong value in West Bengal. West Bengal is very reach in art and culture. The state is very rich with its ancient history and architecture. Terracotta art is very different from other art of architecture.

In ancients days terracotta brick was used as a substitute of stones to complete supply chain demand of stone in West Bengal. The terracotta bricks are made by red soil after heating.

If you want to see the beautiful terracotta art then you should must visit the temple town Bishnupur where every brick tells a story.

How to Reach

By Air- The nearest airport to reach Bishnupur, Bankura is Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport, Kolkata. from there you can reach by train, bus, cab or by personal vehicle.

By train – If you are visiting from other state of India then first you have to reach Howrah and from Howrah you have to take conducting train to Bishnupur.

By Road – Bishnupur is well connected by road to Kolkata, Asansol, Durgapur, Bankura, Kharagpur and from other cities of West Bengal and Jharkhand.

Easiest way to reach Bishnupur from Kolkata

The most easiest way to reach Bishnupur from Kolkata is by train journey. Bishnupur is situated at a distance of 130 Km from Kolkata. Bishnupur is well connected to Kolkata by road.

Following are the train details to reach the temple town of West Bengal: Bishnupur from Kolkata:

Aranyak Express (12885) Leave Howrah at 7:45 (MTWTFS)

Rupasi Bangla Express (12883) Leave Howrah at 6:25 (Runs Daily)

Porbandar Kavi Guru (12950) leave Howrah at 20:10 (Sunday only)

Ranchi Intercity (18627) leave Howrah at 12:50 (SMT)

Purulia FS Express (12827) leave Howrah at 16:50 (Runs Daily)

Rani Shiromani Express (18003) leave Howrah at 17:50 (Runs Daily)

Easiest way to reach Bishnupur from Ranchi

The most easiest way to reach Bishnupur from Ranchi is by train journey. Bishnupur is situated at a distance of 266 Km from Ranchi. Bishnupur is well connected to Ranchi by road.

Following are the train details to reach the temple town of West Bengal: Bishnupur from Ranchi

Howrah Intercity Express (18628) leave Ranchi at 5:40 (SMT)

Hatia Kharagpur Express (18036) leave Ranchi at 9:40 (Runs Daily)

Kharagpur Memu Express (18086) leave Ranchi at 15:40 (Runs Daily)

Detailed Information about Bishnupur

Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples and Baluchari Saree. Visit here to see the Bengal art, culture, rituals, tradition and life style. Famous terracotta ancient temples are situated in Bishnupur which are dedicated to Shri Radhe Krishna and these temples are honored as National Monuments of India. Bishnupur the temple is a perfect place to have a visual view of Indian Devine Culture. Every year lakhs of visitors visits this place to see our ancestors amazing work.

Travel Expenses to Visit Bishnupur

Apart from train / bus ticket fare Rs.1500 is enough to roam in Bishnupur for one person. Auto booking charge Rs.300-Rs.600. Entry fee to enter in the Rasmanch temple Rs.25. Food/Beverages depends on you how much you can eat. Charges are very reasonable in every hotel. We had fish curry with rice and vegetable in Rs.130 . Baluchari Saree starts from Rs.5000 . Mud utensils and other decorative items starts from Rs.10 to thousands. So keep the money in your pocket and reach the place Bishnupur. I wish you happy journey.

Famous Temples of Bishnupur

  1. Shyam Rai Temple
  2. Jor Bangla Temple
  3. Madan Mohan Temple
  4. Lalji Temple
  5. Radha Shyam Temple
  6. Dalmadal Canon
  7. Rasmanch
  8. Maa-Mrinmoyee Mandir
  9. Chinmasta Temple
  10. Jormandir
  11. Gate of Old Fort

Shyam Rai Temple Bishnupur

The temple is dedicated to Lord Radha Krishna and build by Maharaj Raghunath Singh in the year 1643. On the wall of this temple you can have a look of floral designs, story of Krishnaleela, Mahabharat and Ramayana, scenes of social life and stories of saiv or sakta legends are also drawn here. This temple is declared as national monuments of India in 1913.

Jor Bangla Temple Bishnupur

This temple looks like a combined form of two huts. So named as Jor Bangla. This temple is made by Maharaj Raghunath Singh in the year 1655. And is famous for its terracotta art presenting scenes of Ramayana, Mahabharat and Krishna Leela. This temple is declared as National Monuments of India in the year 1913.

Madan Mohan Temple Bishnupur

Madan mohan temple is very popular in Bishnupur. And is beautifully crafted by terracotta paintings showing scenes of Mahabharat and Ramayana. This temple is dedicated to Lord Radha Krishna. And Radha Krishna statue is dedicated to Lord Radhakrishnan. And Radha Krishna statue is situated inside this temple. One tulsi plant is planted in the garden area.

Lalji Temple Bishnupur

This temple is made by Raja Veera Singh in the year 1658. This ek ratna temple is made by using Laterite stone. On the top of this temple one sapt rath shape durg is present. This temple is declared as national monuments of India in 1914.

Radha Shyam Temple Bishnupur

This temple is made by Raja Chaitanya Singh in 1758. This temple is dedicated to Lord Radha Krishna. The temple was closed during our visit for maintenance work.

Dalmadal Canon Bishnupur

This canon was used many times for war. This canon is made up of Iron and is 3.8 meter long and 20 cm wide. It is made by Malla kings and may be the largest canon at the present time.

This canon is declared as national monuments of India in 1931.

Rasmanch Bishnupur

This temple is made by using laterite stone and it looks like a piramid in a shape. Till 1935 Vaishnav Ras Utsav was being organized here. And Radha Krishna idols from all other temples was being bought here for this occasion.

This temple was declared as national monuments in the year 1914.

Bishnupur - The temple town of west bengal

Maa Mrinmoyee Mandir Bishnupur

This temple is also called as Rajbari and is more than thousand year old. People visit here from all over India during Durga Puja.

Chinmasta Temple Bishnupur

This temple is dedicated to Maa Chinmastika one form of Maa Parvati and is very ancient.

Jormandir Bishnupur

Here three temple are almost same in shape, color and design and in group called as Jormandir. These temples are made by Malla Kings in eighteen century. Two temples are little bigger in size in comparision to middle one. Here you can admire the stucco work on the wall of middle one temple showing the vision of Ramayan and Krishnaleela.

This temple is declared as national monuments in the year 1914.

Gate of Old Fort

This gate is made up of laterite stone. It have a pathway and it have rooms on both side inside it, which must have been used as a check point before entering the city. There is another arched gateway which is attached to the earlier structure. Earlier the fortified city can be accessed through this inner gate house. According to the locals it is built by Veer Singh in the 17th century. This fort was declared as National Monuments in the year 1913.

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