Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori, Jharkhand : How to reach, Main attraction, History

Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori temple is mainly dedicated to Maa Bhadrakali. Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori temple is known as Sidh Peeth. Because Megha Muni used his power and empowered this place as a sidh peeth.

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Easiest ways to reach Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori

We started our journey from Ranchi. The temple is situated at a distance of 150km from Ranchi. Its distance is 35km from Chatra, 50km from Hazaribagh.By flight you can reach here and nearby airports will be Bodh Gaya Airport (90km) and Ranchi Airport (150km). Traveling with a personal vehicle is the convenient way to reach Bhadrakali Temple Itkhori. 

This place is very beautiful and calm. In your whole journey you can admire the beauty of greenery and mountains. Also roads are convenient. So you can enjoy your journey. Near the temple you will get full Sanatani or Jain food without onion and garlic at a reasonable rate. In nearby village markets you can get almost everything. A beautiful place for photography and videography. Mandir campus is very big and all kinds of religious events can be organized at this place like marriage, mundan etc.


Maa Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori

This temple is situated at a meeting point of two rivers muhane and baksha. And many ancient stories are linked with this place. Three religions Hindu, Bodh and Jain have some connection with this place and their many years ago livelihood evidence is said to be found by the archaeological department. Also this place is said as a sidh bhumi because Megha Muni used his power and empowered this place as a sidh peeth.

For Hindus Maa Bhadrakali Temple and Sahastra Shivling temple is the main point of attraction.  For Bodh religious it is said that it is the prayer spot of Mahatma Budh. The name of this place Itkhori is also given by Gautam Budh Aunt. Also it the birthplace of Bhagwan Shital Nath Swami (tenth tirthankara of the present age according to Jainism).

Also one museum is situated inside this temple. Many samples which belong to the ninth and tenth century collected by the Archaeological Survey of India Department are kept safely in this museum.

Maa Bhadrakali

Maa Bhadrakali is one name of Maa Durga. A big statue of Maa Bhadrakali with two yoginis approx 5 feet height made up of Black stone is situated inside this temple (Garv Grih). Four statues approx 4 feet height are placed on both sides of Maa Bhadrakali Statue. One is of Lord Ganesha and three are of Lord Vishnu. This statue was made in the ninth century by King Mahendra Pal II. One very big Banyan Tree is situated outside Bhadrakali Mandir. Pilgrims can burn ghee lamps and wood sticks outside the Garv Griha in one corner. Also one very big yagya bhawan is placed behind the Bhadrakali main mandir.


Sahastra Shivling

This shivling (approx 7 feet height) is very beautifully carved and consists of 1008 small shivling with one big Trishul. One big Nandi statue is placed just before shivling.


Shani Mandir

Shani mandir is also present inside the Maa Bhadrakali Mandir campus.

PanchMukhi Hanuman Mandir

PanchMukhi Hanuman Mandir is also present inside the Maa Bhadrakali Mandir campus.

Bodh Stup

One very big Bodh Stup (manoti stup) is situated inside the Bhadrakali Mandir campus. Total 1008 gautam buddha statue is made upon this stup. 1004 small and 4 big in size. This stup was made in the ninth century. On top of this stup water storage is present. Also it is said that this stup is made by Samrat Ashok.

Bhagwan SheetalNath footprint

In 1983 local villagers found Bhagwan Sheetalnath footprint along with one copper plate. In this plate it is written that this place is the birthplace of  Bhagwan Sheetalnath (tenth tirthankara of the present age according to Jainism). These are kept safely in the temple’s museum. Here 2.5 acre land is authorized to the Jain community for the construction of temples and lodges.

Maa Kanuniyan Temple

Kanuniyan Maa temple is situated in the Bhadrakali maa temple campus. In one big stone the sun, moon, trishul and some pictures are drawn here.

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