Beauty Tips for 18 Years Girls for the Natural Look : Beauty Tips to follow for Natural Bright Look

Beauty tips should be maintained by every women as a self care routine. Every girl want to be beautiful. Who is beautiful she want to be gorgeous. Beauty comes naturally but as we live in polluted society and we don’t follow a good habitat. Our body faces some kind of dullness and acne marks on faces.

Here in this blog I will share some beauty tips which I learned from my mother. Most of my remedies are easily available in every household.


Beauty Tips to follow for spotless skin

Every night clean your face nicely. Then apply rose water on face and neck. Then use almond oil or neem oil on face and gently massage. wipe your face with tissue or towel and sleep.

Cold milk is very good for skin care. Add a pinch of turmeric on cold milk and apply on face and neck. After drying wash your face.

Curd is very good substitute of massage cream. If you don’t use any cosmetic product on your face then you must use curd to massage your face.

Put some sugar on lemon and rub it gently on your face and lips. It will remove tanning from your face.

Gram flour acts as natural scrubber. Add one pinch of turmeric powder, crush one tomato on mixer and add this in gram flour. And apply this on your full body. You can add cold milk or curd also in this mixture.

Apply multani mitti on your face. It will give natural glow and it will remove oil from your face.

Sandal wood powder is also very good for body and face. Add two drops of honey in it and apply all over face.

Remove malai from hot milk and add pinch of turmeric in it. And apply it on your face. After some time wash your face. In morning you will see some amazing glow in your face.

Don’t use mirror in morning without washing your face.

Beauty Tips to follow for Long Hairs

Some hair care routine if you will follow you will have long and thick hairs.

Put hair oil regularly on your hair. And massage gently with your finger tips. Don’t change hair oils frequently.

In night put fenugreek seeds in water to soak. In morning crush the seeds and apply this on your scalp. It will help to grow new baby hairs on your head.

You can eat half spoon fenugreek seeds regularly for good hairs.

Apply amla oil, sesame oil or mustard oil, coconut oil or almond oil in your hairs. These are very good for hair growth.

Try to skip shampoo and conditioner on hairs. they are made by harsh chemicals. Try to use natural ingredients. Mother nature have gifted us all things as per our necessity. Try to use natural Amla, Reetha and Sikakai for your hair care. It will clean your hair, will maintain your scalp PH level. It will conditioned your hair and will protect your hairs from greying.

Keep your hair natural. Don’t cut your hairs frequently. Girls look beautiful in big hairs. Try to skip coloring your hairs. use natural Heena. It will give natural color, bounce and it will conditioned your hair.

Beauty Tips to follow for Healthy and Slim Body

Ayurveda teaches us many lessons for a perfect life style. Ayurveda is gift from our ancestors for us. If we want to live a long and healthy life we should follow Ayurveda. Here I will tell you some secrets from Ayurveda.

Don’t eat food in regular interval. More food make people lazy. If you want to be active full day then have less food. To keep body hydrated have more water and fruits. But yes for babies this rule is not applied. They need more food and nutrition’s for the complete development.

Have some fruits and health drink in morning. In afternoon have a full meal. And in night have light meal. take dinner before 8 in night. So that your stomach will get time for digestion. Treat your body part as a machine. So they also need some rest for good performance.

Try to skip oily food. Refine oil is not healthy for health. If you are frying then use ghee. It is best for our body.

Use millets in food. They are super foods and originated from India. Our ancestors were eating these food in old days. they were perfect fit and fine. Rice and wheat have came from western countries.

Dry fruits provide us high nutrition. We should have it regularly in our food.

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